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Facts About Ambe

Ambe International is the first licensed Recruiting firm in India. We have been in existense since 1984.

Facts about Ambe International :

Ambe International is the first Recruiting concern in India to be   registered with the Ministry of Labour in 1984.Our license number is 000001/BOM/PART/1000+/3/531/84.

mbe International has counterparts in the construction, civil, mechanical industries and we employ our own architects and engineers. Thus we have the necessary resources and experience to recruit people on long term/shut down basis.We can also source people on secondment basis.

mbe has offices and/or affiliate concerns in all major cities and recruiting concerns in India.We also have strategic alliances in Nepal and Sri Lanka with recruiting firms to source people from these countries. This firmly positions us as a leader in the recruitment field not only in India but in the entire Indian subcontinent.

e also provide secondary services like airline reservations, hotel bookings and local transportation to our clients to facilitate their activities when they come down to India to conduct interviews.

rofessionalism is conspicuously absent in the recruitment field in India while Ambe is run by two brothers,both of whom are Management graduates who have honed their skills in the field of recruitment with years of experience and have their tips on the pulse of the Indian
Human Resources market.

Apart from the in-house expertise required to select the right candidates,outside consultants are also associated very closely in selecting the right man for the right job.

We also treasure a databank of over 50,000 resumes of personnel in varied trades and skills from all over India.Our contacts in various industries help us to focus and mobilize personnel who most closely match your selection criteria.

Furthermore we advise you on how to go about the complex and entangled processes of visa application,immigration and final travel here in India.We smoothen the way in the face of bureaucratic hurdles and obstacles. This is a privilege that you get by virtue of the richness of our experience in these matters.