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List of Clients

e have the distinction of being one of the very few companies in India handling recruitment of specialized personnel to countries like USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, Australia etc.We are the primary agents of
M/S M.W. Kellogg, Houston for all their projects in the USA, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Nigeria, Algeria.We have mobilized very large numbers of senior process control engineers, system engineers, Instrument control engineers to them for their Houston office. We also represent other similar multinational companies like M/S Brown and Root International, M/S JGC Corpn.(Japan), M/S Roxby (UK), M/S Taylor Woodrow Towell etc.

List of Our Clients :
      The following is a listing of our clients geographically. We strongly suggest
that you verify our credibility with any of them. If required we would be glad
to provide references from these firms.

1. U.S.A M.W. Kellogg,Houston - for all their projects around the world
Brown and Root,Houston
Frank E. Basil,Washington
Montgomery International,Houston
Morganti International,Houston (CCC Group)
Morson International,California
Stone and Webster

2. U.K

Roxby  Group of Companies
Woodgroup Engineering
Taylor Woodrow International
StayBright, Ireland
Bonny Management Services (Joint venture of Kellog and JGC Corpn.)

3. Far East

Rotary Engineering Co., Singapore
GALFAR Engineering and Contracting Co,Brunei
Lim Kim Hai,Malaysia
Chiyoda Corporation,Singapore
JGC Corporation, Malaysia + Indonesia + Thailand

4. Bahrain

Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA)
Bahrain Extrusion Co. (BALEXCO)
Mohsin Haji Ali Group
United Enterprises
Wires International (WLL)
Bukanan Furnishings
Atlas Transport and Contracting Company
Bahrain Airport Services (BAS)

5. Kuwait

Instrument Installation and Maintenance Co.(IMCO)
KSRC (Kuwait Ship-Building and Repair Company)
Abdul Aziz

6. Saudi Arabia

Eurabia Engg. and Construction Co. KSA
Radhwa Foods
Taher Group
Brown and Root,Arabia

7. Sultanate of Oman

GALFAR Engg. and Contracting Co. Group
Al-Hassan Group of Comapanies
Bahwan Engineering Co.
Taylor Woodrow International
Comprimo Engg. Consultancy Services
National telephone Services (NTS)
Special Technical Services (STS)
Mustafa and Jawad
Al-Ansari Group of Companies
Jamnadas Khimji Group of Companies
Zubair Telecom

8. UAE

Galfar Engineering Co.
Arabian Oil Company
Dodsal PTE Ltd.
Link Middle East
Ineco Group

9. Japan

JGC Corporation,Yokohama

10. Nigeria

National Fertilizer Company (NAFCON)

11. Qatar

GALFAR, Al-Mishad Group
SBK Oilfields
Brown and Root