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      The Ambe Group of Companies is increasingly focussing on Software Development and Marketing. We currently hold the world wide marketing rights to 4 software products which range from image manipulation to financial tax calculation.

Screen Capture
ver here we have shown the screen capture of one of the software products we think is very versatile and flexible in terms of the applications it can be used for.

nitially, we are targeting it at the Gems and Jewellery industry in India. It is essentially an image database software which uses Visual Basic as its front end and Ms-Access as its backend.

e expect this software to find applications in other consumer industries like leather goods, designer ware. The images can be scanned in or added using a digital camera. The salient features of this products is extensive product properties which can be stored, retrieved and queried using a simple graphical interface. The properties of the products can easily be suctomised. It can also be a great graphical tool in the hands of a sales person who wants to bring up details of products being promoted. Such a versatile concept can easily be applied to photo albums for product catalogs, photo albums and even tracking systems which may require a picture/image of the entitry being tracked for inventory or supply.

      We are seeking out new applications and ideas for this product. We are also pushing to get sub contracts for customised product development in similar areas.