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Procedure Involved

     Only 31 days are required to send across selected candidates to their work destinations. 7 days to advertise in the national press, 10 days to shortlist and select candidates,and 14 days (After receipt of Visa/PTA) to arrange for their medical check-up, Visa stamping, emigration, ticketing and departure.

  For this we need from you :
* A Letter of Instruction (Demand Letter) to proceed with the recruitment giving compensation structure for each category with other terms and conditions.
* Specimen copy of Employer-Employee agreement
* Visa/NOC for the country to which the person will travel.
* PTA or inward remittance to purchase tickets for the personnel.

     The above varies from country to country due to differences in laws and emigration/immigration procedures. Also the time duration is subject to the method of approval of our clients i.e. wether they want to conduct personal interview of the prospective candidates in India or they just want to shortlist/approve the resumes and leave the final selections to us.