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     The Ambe International group of companies is also involved in manufacturing activities at Nasik which is a distance of 180 kms from Mumbai in India. These units are involved in sheet metal parts and electrical/electronics components manufacture.

Sambe Engineers

     Sambe Engineers is located at Ambad, Nasik. This factory is a mechanical engineering workshop. The facilities at this plan comprise of tool room machines like surface grinders, lathe, milling machines, tool and cutter grinder, mechanical presses, sharing machine etc. In this unit we manufacture sheet metal components, sub assembly and assemblies for electrical, electronic and automobile industry. We also have the capability of servicing automobile engines on a mass scale.

Sambe Electronics

     Sambe Electronics is another manufacturing concern located in Ambad, Nasik in near proximity to Sambe Engineers. In the past we have catered to the manufacturing of electronic regulators/dimers, timers and electrical/electronic panels in this unit. The present installed capacity of the plant can cater to an output of 20,000 coils per month. There is enough provision for expanding this capacity as and when required.

     Presently, we are in the process of undergoing revamping for an entire automated assembly line from MDS Switchgear to make Circuit Breakers. These are produced under exacting conditions which require precise temperature and particle control. The manufacturing process requires rigorous QA/QC and manufacturing setup for the manufacture of high precision electronic assembly. The planned production of these circuit creakers is for 50,000 pieces by the beginning of year 2000.