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Computer Software

     We believe that the advent of the internet and computers will force the most established of businesses to reengineer their organizations. We are working on building our strengths in the area of information technology and computer software by maintaining thrust in the following areas.

      IT Recruitment

      We have been involved in the recruitment of IT professionals for the Middle East and East Asia. We also know that there is a tremendous demand of Indian software professionals in the US. Given the list of clients we already have in the US whom we have dealt with on large projects we are working towards a base in the United States. We currently have a database of some 200 SAP professionals here. In addition to this we have seen a large demand for Database professionals ( Oracle, Dev2K, Visual Basic) in the US. This is matched by a large body of experienced professionals available here in India.

      Body Shopping

      We have recently entered this line with JGC Corpn of Japan. We have professionals working on our payroll in the Middle East and Singapore contracted out to JGC. We are seeking for active collaborations from companies in the US for this area.      

      Software Subcontracting

      This is the activity we are most keen to get into. We have professionals working with us who have developed expertise in skills such as Visual Basic, Ms-Access, Web Development and Visual C++. We are actively tying up with software companies for contracting of their professionals to us for development of customized software. We have brought together a team of SAP professionals who combine some of the best pioneering experience there is available in this area in India.

      Software Product Marketing in India and the US

     We are engaging in the marketing of software products developed by us and our associate companies. These are largely in the area of image databases and accounting software.

      We invite curious parties to engage in a dialog with us regarding the above. This is as yet a new area for us and we are seeking out people with similar visions, with whom we can seek out common ground.

      Please write to Mr. Anoop Saxena at