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PE01799A.gif (1627 bytes)All of us at Ambe International felt that recruitment for the software sector required a special section of its own. We have seen a recent trend in the Indian human resources scenario which strongly inclines towards this industry. With the recent global recession in the Oil and Gas Industry the world over, the outflow of Indian manpower to the Middle East is slowly drying up as salaries plummet and jobs reduce in numbers.

On the other hand, the infotech sector in East-Asia and the US in particular is on the rise. We have concentrated on building infrastructure to cater to this segment over the past 2 years. We now have a computerized databank of some 2,000 professionals with experience in the infotech industry. This industry is unique in that it is characterized by extreme dynamism in job opportunities. A job offer made yesterday may be turned down today by a candidate because he got a better offer from another company. The liquidity and fidelity of selections of candidates is extreme in this industry.

For the purpose of effective recruitment in this sector

We have surveyed publications which attract the best infotech professionals as their readers. Advertisements in these publications invite a host of applications from relevant candidates.
We host videoconferencing interviews through the internet or through ISDN lines (through DBS).
Our computerized database allows us to quickly choose those candidates whose skills match the requirements of our clients.
We also have a network of experienced professionals from the software industry available on contract to shortlist and comprehensively interview the candidates.
We are in the process of building in-house expertise for software development which involves expertise in internet and database technologies. We currently hold the marketing rights to 2 bright indigenous products in the sphere of image databases and image print management.


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