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Ambe is now focussing on sub contracting software projects and recruitment of software professionals from India. Read about it in the Information Technology section.

Ambe International specializes in Human Resource Consulting for Indian manpower. However, this is only one of the activities our group is involved in. We are involved in activities ranging from manufacturing and trading to export based activities. Here we list out sister concerns of Ambe International. Our purpose in giving these concerns a home here is to invite queries from interested parties in pursuing business and trading opportunities in these areas as well.

Sambe Engineers Private Ltd. and Sambe Electronics Private Ltd are manufacturing units owned by the Ambe International Group. These units are involved in the manufacturing and assembly of sheet metal parts and electrical/electronic components.

Ambe Exports is our branch which exports various commodities to Ambe Internationals clients. In the past we have dealt in export of automobile parts, leather goods, books to the Middle-East. The exports include capital electronic goods like transformers, voltmeters and rheostats.


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